wedding ceremony

What is an overseas wedding?
An overseas wedding is a wedding held in a foreign country which is usually famous resort. An overseas wedding can be held at chapel, wedding hall, castle, outdoor gardens or any place you wish! Besides the wedding ceremony, an overseas wedding can also include a location photo or a reception or both. Hosting a wedding in a foreign country with a location photo shoot and a honey moon trip can be a beautiful thing. Notice the distinction between “commemorative wedding” with “legal wedding”: an overseas wedding is usually a commemorative one, and extra services is needed to accomplish the legal registration.
Does a chapel wedding can also be held to the non-Christian couples?
Off course, all our chapels is non-religious which is exclusively used for wedding ceremony.
What is the difference between a “commemorative wedding” and a “legal wedding”?
A commemorative wedding is a ceremony which is legally invalid, and the commemorative wedding certificate of the ceremony is also legally invalid. On the contrary, a legal wedding is a legally valid registration of a marriage with the legal documents needed to be handed in to the local government. At present, only Hong Kong citizens are able to legally register their wedding in Japan. We also provide the additional service for a legal registration. And because the long duration of the documents preparation, we highly recommend to prepare the concerning documents 3 months in advance.
Will it be awkward to hold a wedding ceremony only between me and my fiancé ?
Off course not! Our staff will bless the couple during the ceremony and attend the petals shower after that. The photographers will record the ceremony with photos and videos.
How long does a chapel wedding last? What contents does it include?
Our chapel wedding ceremony lasts around 30 minutes, and the main process includes Entrance - Marriage vows - Exchange of rings - The wedding kiss - Signing of the marriage certificate - Declaration of marriage - Recessional. According to different chapels, we also provide various commemorative activities, ex. memorial nameplate activity, unity sand activity, etc. To make sure the perfection of the ceremony, we provide a rehearsal before the ceremony. After the ceremony, the couple will enjoy the petals shower with their guests outside of the chapel.

photo shoot

What services are included in the basic photo shoot plan?
Our basic photo shoot plan includes all-day location photo shooting, hair&makeup, wedding dress&tuxedo, bride accessories, artificial bouquet&boutonniere, a photographer with a makeup artist all-day following, a light lunch&beverage, transport and translation. Besides, we provide special services with extra fee added, ex. the photo shoot with Alpaca. We can also customize the photo shoot schedule for you according to your requirement, for instance the half-day photo shooting plan.
Which season is the best for a photo shoot in Japan?
The cherry blossom in spring, the lavender field in summer, the changing leaves in autumn, and the white snow in winter - every season in Japan has its own charm. We will help everyone find their favorite style here.
Can you organize a photo shoot in any location we want?
In Japan, the commercial photo shoots need to apply the permission document for each location, so we recommend you to choose our routine schedule and locations, however, if you really want to take a photo in some special locations, please inform us in advance and we will apply the photography permission and arrange the schedule for you.
What if we encounter bad weather, ex. heavy rain?
Firstly we will try to use tool to help facilitate the outdoor photo shooting. In the case that the weather is too bad to be outside, we will try to re-schedule your photo shoot to another available day, if not possible we will change to some indoor locations ex. chapel.

wedding dress

How to choose the suitable wedding dress&tuxedo as we cannot try it on in advance?
Before the wedding, we will discuss with you in detail through sns/tel about your body size and your preferred style of wedding dress, according to which our stylist will propose suitable dresses&tuxedos and send you photos of them. We will help you choose 5 dresses that you expect to be suitable for you and you will try them on at our wedding salon the day before your wedding and pick the one that suits you the best for the next day. Also, we provide the size adjustment service for the dress&tuxedo.
Besides the western-style of wedding dress and tuxedo, will you also provide Japanese kimono rental service?
Off course! We provide Japanese traditional kimono rental service for the wedding ceremony, reception as well as photo shoot. In fact, we highly recommend you to find the perfect kimono for you to expand your local cultural experience in Japan. Besides, we also provide rental Yukata(casual version of the kimono) during summer time.
Can I bring my own dress and tuxedo ?
Off course! We provide the plan without the option of rental wedding gown&tuxedo. For the couple who wish to bring their own dresses, we recommend to bring their favorite his-and-hers clothes for the location photo shoot. Our rental Japanese kimono is also a good choice for those who want to experience the Japanese traditional culture.

Our serving process

  • Contact us by Facebook or Mail

  • Know about our wedding service

  • Reserve our wedding service

  • Proposes wedding dress&tuxedo

  • Discuss and decide your schedule

  • Arrive in Japan

  • Pre-meeting and wedding dress try-on

  • The day of wedding/ photo shoot

  • Enjoy your honey moon